Who are GoDigital Accounting and how can they help your business?

We live in an age where our day to day lives are influenced more and more often by digital media, not just on the social and entertainment fronts but in almost everything we do from shopping to paying our taxes.  Managing our personal and business finances are no exception and traditional accounting and tax methodologies need to adapt.

It is within this context that GoDigital Accounting was formed in early 2017 to take on the challenge of digitising bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance and advice for small businesses using the latest developments in cloud technology to dramatically improve the services that businesses owners can expect from their accountants.

Hugh Glyn-Jones, the founder and Managing Director of GoDigital, comes from a traditional accounting background as a KPMG Partner and International Director for Africa.  Together with an experienced team of qualified accountants in England and Wales, they have developed a user-friendly system of accounting and tax solutions tailored to meet the expectations of today’s modern businesses owners who seek quick, efficient and high-quality ways to simply and cheaply reduce the hassle of accounting and tax compliance without reducing their visibility or control over their financial position.

“It is difficult for traditional accounting practices are to offer the range of value-added services that GoDigital can offer at a reasonable cost.  The traditional approach to Accounting is for the business owner to manage their bookkeeping and get their records to their accountants after their year-end as ledgers or at best spreadsheets, supported by piles of paper bank statements, invoices and receipts, he says,  but today’s businesses need access to their financial status in real time and online cloud-based digital systems have to be developed to make this possible.“

GoDigital’s partnership with QuickBooks has answered this need by ensuring seamless access to the leading cloud accounting software 24/7 providing control over their clients’ financial data with minimal paperwork.  The software is quick and easy to use and provides a real-time view of expenses, available cash and outstanding collections and liabilities while generating all the information required by the taxman.

One of the main features of digitalised accounting is that there is no paperwork and no spreadsheets. You can raise invoices and claim expenses online and leave us to take care of your accounts and ensure that you remain compliant with the Making Tax Digital requirements of HMRC for income tax, VAT and PAYE.

GoDigital provides unlimited support through ready access to it’s accredited accountants for advice during business hours – without having to make an appointment. We’ll explain things clearly, in advance, and set everything up to run in a streamlined, hassle-free way leaving you more time to do the things you really enjoy, like running your business!